Monday, December 8, 2008

Beleaguered Browns Fans are Grasping for a New Hope

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Personally, I'm not convinced that this is the answer, but with an owner like Randy Lerner, I'm not sure we can expect to magically pull the next Mike Tomlin. Given that, I'm hoping Bill can somehow bring himself to leave his $2M, one day a week job at CBS to help the team that gave him his start in Pro coaching.

Cheers - cause I'm so British,

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am somebody

All my life, I've been looking for validation that I am someone of import. Today, I stumbled upon verification that I am - in fact - something special.

Cre was asking where my tag line "cheers cause I'm so British" came from. I directed her to the appropriate Marzipan Answering Machine (Go to message 4) where the tag line was initially uttered.

When I Googled "cheers cause I'm so British", guess what came up as the top of the search results... You guessed it!!! Tango the Gifted Llama's Blogging Extravaganza. Google thinks I exist and recognizes that tag line as being associated with me and not Strong Bad. I will likely live off this glow for the next several hours... maybe even a whole day.


Cheers cause I'm so British,

Another utterance from tango...

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