Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Bachelor Weekend

I am not a veteran, and barely what one might consider a bachelor, but this holiday weekend was spent, at least in part, in celebration of the fact that I'm getting married in three weeks.

It was a lovely affair, excellently prepared by the best man, Mr. Jason Paul Yakelis. Saturday was full with an afternoon at the driving range, dinner on the river at Duke's, and a Senator's game. Tom (father-in-law-to-be) bought me a hat. Then the kids went home with the over 40 crowd and a handful of us went to the city for a drink. I think I took Steve into his first crowded bar.

Sunday morning was golfing with Tom, Ralph Sam, and Johnny Nutley (Salamone). I shot terribly, but Tom and I won the match... someday I'll have something to contribute to that duo.

Only 18 days to go. Thank God. I can't wait.

Cheers - cause I'm so British,

Monday, May 21, 2007


mid-May means one thing for Ms. Carb... MASH Prom. This year it was at the Radison. Diamonds are forever was the theme and for the second time in as many years, Joel and Cre were supervising the kiddos. The food was decent and I ran into a guy from Messiah I haven't seen since my Israel Cross-Cultural of 1999. Cre also got to take her "wedding hair" for a spin in public. It held up to dinner and dancing so I think its a go.

Anyway, here's the money shot from evening. Here's hoping we both look this good at the "weeding" in 4 weeks.

Cheers - cause I'm so British,

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lost Update

Cre and I just got finished watching Lost and like every week this season, all I can say is WTF is happening on this island!!!

I was vexed for the first 30 minutes of the show, trying to figure out who Ben's father was. Then I realized... Ben's father is Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.

In conclusion, all I have to say is that if Lost is really Hell or someone's dream or Bob Newhart wakes up in bed, I'm gonna be so pissed!

Cheers - cause I'm so British,

Welcome to the Interweb.... once again

So here I am, writing a Blog. I have nothing useful to say right now except that I'm becoming more convinced that this sort of this is not only pretty cool but also worthwhile and productive.

I'm getting married in 5 weeks and I'm pretty hella-excited about it. As such, I'll close this first post out with a picture of the pre-wife.

Cheers - cause I'm so British,

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

...Cleveland selects, Brady Quinn, Quarterback from the University of Notre Dame

I'm a Brown's fan... which I gotta tell you is WAY tougher then it looks, and I'm sure it looks painful. Believe me - it is. I was the kid crying myself to sleep when "The Drive" happened and the adult cursing at my television when Cleveland lost to the Bears after being up by 14 points with 5 minutes left.

Anyway, part of being a Brown's fan is getting your hopes up every year. And this year's draft is no exception. To that end, I submit my personal draft log from the day of....

12:05: ESPN shows the first picture of Quinn at age 4 in a Bernie Kosar jersey - I am now sold on the fact that this guy MUST become a Brown - for God's sake he actually WANTS to play in Cleveland!

12:30: With the 3rd pick in the draft, Cleveland selects, Joe Thomas, Tackle from Wisconsin - hearts sinks... we knows it is a great pick, but still... its like I lost the chance to play for the Browns. I'm sick to my stomach at the thought of another year with Charlie Frye. I become incontinent. The announcers are stunned and literally cannot speak.

12:35: I utter the words of the obviously upcoming news report, "This just in. Joe Thomas' boat has capsized on Lake Michigan. He is believed to be temporarily paralyzed and may even have a case of the bends. This is a striking blow to the Browns hopes for 2007 and 2008." I begin to rationalize about the viability of the quarterbacks that will be available in the 2nd round. There is no comfort in these thoughts.

1 PM: The first anti-Brady comment is heard on ESPN... some trumped up accuracy issue.

2 PM: Miami passes over Quinn. I (along with the entire Browns nation) immediately start the mental permutations of what it will take to get back on the board. Our hopes... like all good Cleveland fans... are unnaturally high despite the odds.

2:15: Cleveland fans everywhere come to the same conclusion at once, we have zero assets to trade for a pick except Kellen Winslow... which defeats the purpose of acquiring a great QB... if we are going to get back into this round, its going to cost our #1 pick next year.

2:30: The full-on anti-Brady onslaught is underway. Apparently Quinn has dropped in value somewhere between Tony Eason and Akli Smith. ESPN shows one more sad Quinn face and the 4yr old picture. Our collective Browns hearts go out to him. Everyone hates you Brady, except Cleveland... we love you. We hear the first whispers that Cleveland is trying to get back into the first round and our hopes are raised yet again.

3 PM: I organize a prayer vigil in my neighborhood. Candles and incense are burned, vows are made, serious promises. God has got a lot on the table with this one.

3:40: The clouds part and Boomer announces that Dallas has cut a deal with the Browns. Brady Quinn is a Brown AND suddenly "Greenhorn Dopey McDopey Dope" (Phil Savage) looks like a frickin' genius. A LT and a QB in one draft. Browns fans have no choice but to be hopeful. Great celebration bursts forth at the Carbonaro house, as even the heartless Eagles fan have been swept up by the excitement of this moment.

3:45: I utter the ever-so-famous words, "you better get your hopes up" and consider giving my good friend Nick a call.

Yes sir, my hopes are indeed up. Its going to really hurt when they crumble around me.

"This just in. Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn have both torn their ACL's on a simple practice drill tripping over one another."

I love football!

Cheers - cause I'm so British,