Saturday, May 30, 2009

What was lost is found

True stories of the Internet and the times we live in.

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Monday morning, I woke up in Cincinnati, Ohio after participating in Gheorghe's wedding. Myself, Cre, the guys, and their respective wives piled into a 15-passenger van and drove for home. Around lunch time, we stopped on Route 70 some 45 minutes short of Wheeling, WV for lunch. Having my fill on gas station food, Cre and I decided to grab a quick bite at Denny's. When we arrived our home that evening, I found that my iPhone was missing. I then took the following steps:

1) Cre looked up all Denny's resturants on Route 70 using her iPhone and found the number for the Denny's we were at
2) I called the Denny's. They had my phone. I called my phone to verify.
3) I logged into and scheduled a pickup at the Denny's for Tuesday at a time when the Manager I had spoken to would be on duty.

Tuesday, I got a call from the Denny's and the Fedex guy. He had my phone and was shipping it. All he needed to confirm was my Fedex account number.

Wednesday afternoon, my iPhone was back in my possession, in need of a full re-charging.

So to recap:
Monday: loose phone in Eastern Ohio
Wednesday: have phone back on my doorstep

Lost iPhone + wife's iPhone + Google Maps + = Returned iPhone

Yeah Interweb.

Cheers - cause I'm so British,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gheorghe is married

My dear friend George Frank, the former engineer turned pastor, married the love of his life in Cincinnati, Ohio this weekend. We rented a 15-passenger van and drove 10 adults and 2 kids to frontier of the midwest. It was exhausting... and the best thing I've done with my time in a while


Cheers - cause I'm so British,

Tango Discovers Recuts

Mel was good enough to introduce me to recuts on YouTube today. This is too great not to take the 1 min 23 seconds to miss.

Cheers - cause I'm so British,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cre Gets Her Masters Degree

If you follow my blog, you will know I am married to one Christina (Cre) Carbonaro (-Worrall). You will also know that we have both been attending a local seminary (Evangelical Theological Seminary). We started the same semester in the same class in 2004. Cre received her MAR in Old Testament Theology this weekend.

From Cre Gets Her Masters

Needless to say, we are all very proud of her. She is however making us call her Master for the remainder of the weekend. I don't mind. I would likely do the same.

Cheers - cause I'm so British,

ps - many thanks to her two advisors David Dorsey and Laurie Mellinger for their many investments in her education.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tango's continuing saga towards a Masters in Religion: Jeremiah 22:20-23

For those interested in my carrying-ons at the graduate school level, I just completed my final paper for my course on the book of Jeremiah. My paper topic considered the identification and interpretation of Jeremiah 22:20-23. The text is a 4-verse section in a 3 chapter portion of the scroll that focuses on messages to the kings of Judah in Jeremiah's day. I'm arguing (unfortunately not definitively) that this section of verses should be linked to the previous section (Jeremiah 22:13-19) for dating and audience - at least in it's written form.

Exciting stuff, huh?

Well... I enjoy it.

I ended the paper with the following quote from the previous verses. It's Jeremiah's message to the king of that day, Jehoiakim. His father (Josiah) was a good man, but Jehoiakim was a greedy and selfish leader. It's a good word to all of living in a day of plenty:

Does it make you a king
to have more and more cedar?
Did not your father have food and drink?
He did what was right and just,
so all went well with him.
He defended the cause of the poor and needy,
and so all went well.
Is that not what it means to know me?"
declares the LORD.

Jeremiah 22:15-16

Cheers - cause I'm so British,